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How to disassemble Macbook Pro 13 LCD Screen

June 15, 2011

In this article I explain how to disassemble the LCD panel from Apple Macbook Pro 13″ laptop.

step 1

Turn the Macbook Pro screen cover upside back on the desk.

Macbook Pro use glue to agglutinate panel and screen bezel. So we need a heat gun to melt the glue.

Separating the screen bezel with a knife or string.

macbook pro screen bezel

macbook pro screen bezel

Step 2

Lossen 6 screws on the screen module securing the panel.

macbook pro screen screws

Step 3

Carefully lift up panel from screen cover.

Disconnect the video cable on the panel bottom.

Now, you have separated the macbook Pro screen. You can remove it.

macbook pro panel

access the macbook pro video cable

macbook pro cable plug

Due to there are several supplier provife screen to apple. If you want to buy a new screen, you’d better to check part number of the original pancel firstly. You can see it on the back side of the screen.

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