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How to disassemble Sony VAiO VGN-NR430E Keyboard

August 5, 2011

In this article I show how to take apart the Sony VAIO VGN-NR430E Keyboard.

Step 1:

There are four spring loaded latches(four yallow arrows) securing the keyboard under the power board cover. You have to release the four latches for removing the keyboard.

Push on the latch with a sharp object. The keyboard will lift up a little bit and will not allow the latch to lock again.

vaio vgn nr498e keyboard_1   vaio vgn nr430e keyboard_2

Step 2:

Now you can lift up the keyboard and turn it over on the palm rest.

Be careful, the keyboard cable still connect to the motherboard.

vaio vgn nr430e keyboard_3

Step 3:

When the keyboard turned over, you can access the cable connector.

Before you remove the keyboard, the cable connector has to be unlocked and cable released.

vaio vgn nr430e keyboard_4

Step 4:

On the following picture the keyboard cable connector shown in the locked position.

In order to unlock the connector you’ll have to move the brown part about 2 millimeters to the direction shown by two arrows. The brown tab must stat attached to the white base. Do not move it too far. Do not separate it from the connector base.

vaio vgn nr430e keyboard_5

Step 5:

On the following picture the connector is shown in the unlocked position.  You can see the brown tab still attached to the base but the cable is released now.

Pull keyboard cable from the connector.

Sony Vaio VGN-NR430E Keyboard_6

Step 6:

Now, you can remove and replace a new keyboard for VAIO VGN NR430E laptop.

sony vaio vgn nr430e_7


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